Futon TRADI 2

The TRADI 2, is a traditional cotton futon, about 4cm thick, very firm, mainly used as a Topper to give a 100% natural touch and more comfort to another futon or a more conventional mattress.

This famous mattress has several characteristics. First of all, it is both firm and comfortable. It will perfectly fit the back's morphology for an incomparable comfort whose benefits for the back are no longer to be demonstrated. Another special feature is that it will also be an excellent thermal regulator. You'll never be too hot or too cold. Finally, because of its structure, you will never again be disturbed by the movements of the person sleeping next to you. The different parts that make up the futon are totally independent.

It is manufactured in all standard or custom sizes. To find out more, come and try it, it is on display in our stores.
Futons stamped FUTON DESIGN are guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects.

From € 236.00

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