Our collection of organic mattresses

PROLANA, GREENSLEEP or DORMIENTE, all our organic, ecological and natural mattresses are certified by labels and certifying bodies that regularly check compliance with standards.
Discover our range of 100% natural latex mattresses or our range of mattresses combined with organic cotton, coconut or organic wool with different comfort zones ideal for an excellent support of your back. Trade your synthetic mattress for a 100% natural, ecological, naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-allergic mattress.

Mattress SLEEPLINE 1 (Prolana)

Mattress SLEEPLINE 2 (Prolana)

Mattress SLEEPLINE 3 (Prolana)

Mattress SLEEPLINE 4 (Prolana)

Mattress NELE PLUS (Prolana)

Mattress NATURAL ECO (Sleeping)

Mattress NATURAL ECO PLUS (Sleeping)