Mattress SLEEPLINE 2

The SLEEPLINE 2 mattress by PROLANA, made of 100% natural latex, with medium comfort, adapts perfectly to the morphology of each person and offers very good support. It is recommended for people who sleep on their side. It has 5 zones including a specific zone at shoulder level. Its removable cover for a better maintenance, lined with organic wool acts as a natural air conditioner and brings more softness to the bed. This mattress is naturally anti-dust mite. To find out more, come and try it, it is on display in our stores.

From € 999.00

PROLANA is one of the precursors in natural and biological bedding. This brand attaches great importance to the choice of materials used, always taking into account the impact on the environment. The latex comes from FSC-certified plantations.
The 100% natural mattresses are made of organic latex, combined with organic cotton, coconut or organic wool with different comfort zones ideal for an excellent support of your back. The covers are removable and made of organic cotton.

The PROLANA factory is certified by Ivn (International Natural Textiles Association - www., which has set up very strict criteria to certify manufacturers of natural and ecological products.

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